Friday, 22 June 2012

Ranting on Religion

I watched this video and, after some irrelevant bits at the start, they eventually get on to talking about religion. Here are my thoughts.

That explanation from Shay was such clear proof to me that Religion as a whole was created by human kind who, by nature, want to have something to believe in. The difficulty of mourning a loss is so incredibly tough to take for us that we truly need to believe that the person you loved isn't simply ''worm food''. The reality is that for every person on this planet who wishes for God and Religion, there is probably a kid out there who wishes they were Batman. Wishing something into existence is a Myth that, again, appeals to us on a Human level. A myth that is, unfortunately, exactly that. I say unfortunately because, frankly, why wouldn't you want there to be some paradise waiting for you when you die? Somewhere full of happiness with everybody and everything you ever loved. That is something that every person on this planet wants to be true. What is equally unfortunate is the cost at which Religion comes. The price that millions have paid and continue to pay with their lives in the name of these fairy tales. To me, the price that people pay for religion wouldn't be worth it for stone cold FACT, let a lone for something that is, at this point, all but scientifically disproved. Obviously, the sum-total of this world's problem does not begin and end with Religion. The other thing about Human nature is that it will inevitably always lead us to conflict. But religion has for too long been a sorry excuse for persecution and destruction all over the world. That is and will ultimately always be the steepest cost of religion. If that wasn't enough, even on an economic level in a time where money is so tight Religious institutions, particularly in the U.S, are disadvantageous. The money that churches etc don't pay in taxes - which could go towards helping with various national economic crises - is mind-blowing. Just another reason why Religion today - in the year Two Thousand and Twelve - is too costly and bluntly ridiculous.

This was sort of a comment I would have left that has turned into a blogpost. There's too much to say. Of course I respect your right to believe in anything you want. As should you respect my right to believe that Religion is a laughably ridiculous human creation that comes at far too high a price.

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