Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stan Lee is still making Cameos

Personally, the prospect of The Amazing Spider-man is excites me. I have longed for a well designed, open, expansive New York City to swing around in since I was a child. And Beenox, developer of this latest Spidey outing, appear to have produced just that. Obviously, I reserve an element of judgement for the day I actually play the game, but the marketing team at Activision have certainly done enough to warrant a pre-order from me. If you disagree, then think again! In the UK, Game has just announced that their exclusive pre-order bonus will be a playable Stan Lee mission. That's right, don't worry that he can barely walk nowadays, he won't have to with a web of his own. Amazon has also revealed that if you pre-order from them, you will gain access to 'The Rhino Challenge' a game mode where you play as Rhino, with the objective of destroying as much of New York City as you can. Can I have both? Probably not. But hopefully Beenox will consider releasing both of these as alternative DLC down the line. And finally, as if those two weren't enough, buying from other independent retailers will give you the 'Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack'. Two retro-style minigames which Spider-man will play on his Smartphone (Yeah, even Spidey has one).

Note: In the U.S the Stan Lee bonus will be unlocked through pre-order with Amazon, and the Rhino pack will be available through GameStop.

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